I am a Senior Animator, currently living in beautiful Colorado.  In 2013 I graduated from Animation Mentor where I earned a diploma in Character Animation and later, one for VFX. I have to say, learning from the professional mentors at AM was amazing for me.   Being trained by professionals from Pixar,  Disney,  Dream Works,   Industrial Light & Magic,  Reel FX,   and others gave me an in depth understanding and appreciation of animation. After graduation from the Character Animation program, I continued my  studies  in  VFX  and  completed  those  courses  from  AM. I’ve taken additional training, like from AnimSquad (Disney Feature Film Tutors), to make sure my skill are sharpened. I hope to pass on some of my enthusiasm and knowledge of animation to others as I continue to expand my experiences.

Starting in November of 2014, I started working as an Animator for Disney Interactive at Avalanche Software in Utah. What an opportunity and a great place to work. I was able to work with the best and contribute to the Disney Infinity Game platforms.

Since 2017, I’ve been doing animation at Cryptic Studios for Star Trek Online, another great company that has lots of talent. How great is it to work on a game you love to play! As always, I look forward to working for and meeting others in this fantastic field.